Get to know Aura

Davis has had an interest in music and arts from a very young age, with experience in casting auditions and live shows. She wrote poems and novels already at the age of 9 and then turned her back on art and creativity for a long time because of mental health struggles. At 22 she picked up her guitar again and continued where she had left it.


The only thing that changed: She's focused and her pen sharp as a knife. 

As a grown woman Aura has learned to deal with her inner demons in a healthy way.

«If I didn't write, I wouldn't sing. Writing has saved my life and therefore it only makes sense I mostly write on my own at first.» 

«I basically have two personalities», she explains laughing.

«On one hand we can all agree on the fact that there is a certain amount of narcissism involved but then again I am a very introverted person when it comes to opening up, like, I may share a lot, but I almost never expect anything in return».

Speaking of musical influences, the pattern strikes again.

«Lyrically, I am very inspired by people like Julia Michaels or Michelle Branch, which both stand for straight, bold Pop/Rock Music. And then again vocally, it's primarely women like Grace Potter or Taylor Momsen who inspire the hell out of me.

But the kind of music that actually makes a difference in my life, is made by bands like Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Katatonia, Soen or God is an Astronaut. Progressive, melancholic rock music at it's best. That's where my heart feels home.»


«I think I am constantly trying to combine the two styles or more accurately, the emotions they provide», she says.

Her newest release «unbroken» now shows off where she musically comes from.

And more so, where she's going to go.

There’s no doubt Aura came here to stay.

She’s darker, stronger, more honest and a lot more herself than ever before.

And there’s a lot more to tell.