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Base: Switzerland

Genre: Pop/Rock

Years Active: 2020 - Present

Label: Unsigned

Touring: Full Band


UK Commercial Pop Charts #6 with first album single «Hearts Don't Bend»

46 solo shows in 8 months in the UK, Germany, Italy & Switzerland

NY Weekly says: "..her determination and passion for music have propelled her to the forefront of the industry»


Aura Davis refers to herself as a stray soul with strong roots in rock'n'roll. Melancholic yet fierce, her style reflects her deep love for rock music and storytelling. She writes on acoustic or electric guitar and usually starts with good old fashioned pen and paper, cradling her instrument while sitting on floors. Her first few singles have been streamed over a million times to date. All accomplishments have been achieved without a management. She landed an enormous amount of praise for her ability to effortlessly discuss topics that others maybe wouldn’t and her unique, evocative, and sometimes raspy yet comforting voice is often compared to legends like Stevie Nicks or Alanis Morrisette. Her highly anticipated debut record is currently in the making and set for a release in 2024.